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Spring Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

A spring cleanup is the perfect first step to get your lawn ready to thrive for the year. A spring cleanup consists of collecting leaves that may have accumulated on your property during the winter months, cutting down any perennials or annuals to prepare for the spring growth and an initial first mow to collect any debris on the lawn. After the cleanup is completed that is the perfect time to re-edge and mulch the flower beds. All these steps serve to ensure the lawn and flower beds are looking their best and can thrive for the upcoming season.

Fall Cleanup

Fall cleanups are the best way to get your yard winterized and ready for the next year. Cleanups include collecting all leaves on your property, cutting and removing all necessary plants (perennials) and a final mow to prevent winter mold and to collect all remaining leaves. This will have your lawn in perfect shape for the winter months. A final winterizing fertilizer is also recommended.

Fall Cleanup

Property Cleanups

Whether you moved in to a new home with an overgrown yard, have a vacant lot or property, or have let the yard get a little too out of control, you can trust the professionals with Tasso's Property Maintenance to get your yard back in perfect shape for amazingly affordable prices. We cut, trim and  pull all undesired plants  and dispose of all debris. We also Mow vacant lots and city violations for amazing low prices. 


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